Founder and Leader of
the International Prayer Movement
"God Seekers Movement"


Sergey Shidlovskiy

Founder and Leader of the International Interdenominational Prayer Movement "God Seekers Movement"

Sergey Shidlovskiy received Christ in 1994 in Belarus. In 1999, he founded the prayer movement “God Seekers Movement,” and for over 20 years has served churches around the world, bringing the message of the value of personal prayer. His wife Olga has been his faithful helper from the first day of ministry. Their three children - Anna, Anastasia and Andrey also serve God along with their parents.
1999 | The Beginning
In August 1999, Sergey Shidlovskiy received a revelation about the value of having a personal relationship with God through a personal prayer life. At that time, he served in the "Light of the World" Church (Borisov, Belarus).
2000 | Independent Ministry
Evgeniy Pugach, pastor of the "Light for the World" Church (Borisov, Belarus) blessed Sergey Shidlovskiy for independent ministry. Sergey Shidlovskiy was invited to give seminars on the value of personal prayer in the churches of Belarus, where he lived at that time, as well as other nations. After hearing the message, many believers started seeking God, learned how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, grew up in Spirit, and met positive changes in their lives (in family, at work, in ministry). Also, guided by the Holy Spirit, they brought out of their personal prayer life such fruit as opening local churches and ministries that still develop and have an influence.
2002 | The book "Penuel"
Sergey Shidlovskiy wrote the book "Penuel", which is a prayer manual for fellowship with God in the secret place and contains examples of prayers. In varying degrees, this book has touched almost every local church in the post-Soviet nations and the Russian-speaking churches in Europe, Middle Asia, and the USA. "Penuel" has been translated into more than 15 languages.
Download Penuel book PDF
2004 | Moving to Kyiv
Sergey Shidlovskiy and his family move to Kiev, where his ministry acquires an international presence. Here, in Kyiv, the first office of the "God Seekers Movement" opens.

2006 | School of Relationship with God

The first educational project of "God Seekers Movement" – the School of Relationship with God receives more than 700 students and becomes the largest Bible school in Kyiv.

2006 | "Hunger for God"
The first interdenominational fast "Hunger for God" gathered over 1000 participants.

2008 | God Seekers Conference
The International God Seekers Conference gathered more than 7 thousand people in the largest hall in Kyiv - in the Sports Palace. At this conference, the Spiritual Accountability Board of Directors of God Seekers Movement was established.

2009 | Global Prayer for Awakening
More than 10 thousand participants took part in the 5-day Prayer for Awakening and thousands of people were able to join the event via live broadcast. It was the first national Prayer for Awakening. The event was held along with the "Ukraine Interchurch Council" which includes over 20 churches of different protestant denominations.

2010 | Global Prayer for Awakening
This prayer gathered together about 20 thousand people and ended with the heads of churches of Ukraine going out onto the Maidan Independence Square (the main square of Kyiv, where national meetings and revolution took place) with a prayer for Awakening in Ukraine. It was the first time in the history of Protestantism in the post-Soviet nations when the prayer arranged by a non-orthodox congregation was live broadcast on secular TV.

2011 | The First Public Retreat with God "Penuel"
More than 50 thousand people joined the event via live broadcast.

2011| Sergey Shidlovskiy's Ordination into Ministry
Bishop Paul Zink and the Board of Directors of the "God Seekers Movement" officially ordained Sergey Shidlovskiy for ministry. The specific of the ceremony was in the fact that it was the first time in post-Soviet history when several Christian leaders all at the same time ordinated one man into ministry. Among those who ordinated pastor Sergey were: bishop Paul Zink (member of the Church Growth Board of Directors), Rick Renner (founder of Renner Ministries), Alexander Volyanyk (leader of YWAM-Ukraine), and representatives of the Ukraine Interchurch Council and Kyiv Messianic Congregation, and others. During the ceremony, Paul Zink read a letter out loud from Dr. Yonggi Cho to Pastor Sergey congratulating him on his ordination for ministry, as well as expressing gratitude for the work done (there is a video below which includes the ceremony and reading of the letter).
2014 | Sergey Shidlovskiy at ONE THING
After 3 month of studying English in the IHOPKC, Mike Bikle entrusted Sergey Shidlovskiy to present the opening of the IHOP “All Nations Prayer Room” and bless the international broadcasting from the House of Prayer at the 30,000 person One Thing conference.
On this recording, Sergey Shidlovskiy speaks English publicly for the first time as he had only begun learning the language at IHOP shortly before this event..
2014 | First Stationary Discipleship School

The God Seekers Movement launches a 5-month “IPSI” school of discipleship to train full-time ministers. The first students of the school became ministry staff and joined the team.

2016 | Base in Russia
The ministry is expanding and to carry out the work in Russia, "God Seekers Movement" opens a base in Moscow. Sergey Shidlovskiy’s family moves to Russia.
2019 | Base in Estonia
In 2018, Sergey Shidlovskiy receives revelation about the construction of a World Prayer Center in Estonia. For this reason, at the beginning of 2019, Sergey Shidlovskiy and his entire family moved to Estonia to open a ministry base.
2019 | 20th Anniversary of "God Seekers Movement"
As part of the 20th anniversary of the "God Seekers Movement", a large-scale conference was held in Estonia for pastors and leaders from all over the world. More than 20 Christian leaders from all over the world became the speakers of the event.
2019 | "Town of Prayer"

The beginning of the implementation the Global Prayer Center project.

2021 | Ministry History Published

The story of the God Seekers Movement is written about in the book “Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations” (Laura Taranto) alongside the missions of ministers such as Ben Fitzgerald and Jean-Luc Trachsel.

Reviews about the Ministry of Sergey Shidlovskiy
Paul Zink
Bishop of “New Life” Christian Fellowship of Churches, member of the Church Growth Board of Directors (Pastor David Yonggi Cho).
I am grateful to God that 20 years ago God put on the heart of Sergey Shidlovskiy to start this ministry. I admire the God Seekers team who work hard to make everything God reveals through visions and supernatural encounters a reality. I believe that soon the prophecies will begin to come true, and we will witness how millions of people will turn to God.
Mike Bickle
Head of IHOP-KC
God has something amazing in store for God Seekers Movement. You create an impact on nations, and we celebrate this together with you. Sergey, we love you and your whole team.
Jean-Luc Thachsel
President of the International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM), prime vision carrier of Europe Shall Be Saved Movement; internationally recognized speaker.
I want to ask you to partner with this ministry of Sergey Shidlovskiy. God Seekers is a great ministry with a great vision. They have a special mission to build a place of equipping people, of releasing the anointing of the Holy Ghost, to bring the people to surrender themself and to obey the Lord and what He is calling them to do.
Boris Grisenko
Senior Rabbi of the Kyiv Messianic Jewish Fellowship (Kyiv, Ukraine)
In the Russian-speaking world, "God Seekers Movement" is the first mission that is entirely focused on helping churches, and not on building their own work. At the new stage of changes in the ministry, the God Seekers Team is taking huge steps of faith, which bear fruit not only in this ministry, but also encourage hundreds of ministers around the world. On behalf of many Christians in Ukraine, we express our deep gratitude to Sergei Shydlovskiy, his family and the entire team for strong friendship with the Jewish messianic fellowships.
Arthur Simonyan
Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church (Yerevan, Armenia)
I know that "God Seekers Movement" is a blessing because right now, there are so few people increasing the prayer life in churches. I believe God blessed “God Seekers Movement,” Sergey Shidlovskiy and the whole team, so that in their prayer life, they would be an example to many. Prayer is when the earth is synchronized with Heaven, which leads to awakening of the nations.
Yuri Shumaev
President of the Evangelical Alliance of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Praise God for your contribution to the Kingdom of God. From all the churches of Agape and the Evangelical Alliance, and these are thousands of people, please receive a big thanks. The vision is gaining momentum, and I believe that the latter works are greater than the former. Thank God for the collaboration that we have had for many years. For 12 years now, our joint project has been gathering hundreds of Christians in Asia to pray for Revival. I wish for your tent pegs to expand, and for you do the will of God, and do it with joy.
Robert Cherenkov
Superintendent of the Union of Methodist Churches of Estonia (Tallinn, Estonia)
I am grateful to God for all the good that the God Seekers Movement team has done in the post-Soviet regions: it has served various churches, organized many prayer projects. It is so wonderful when people pray in unity for their countries and cities. For God, there is no difference between denominations.
Sharshenbek Baybosunov
Chairman of the Alliance of Kirgiz Churches (Bishkek, Kirgizstan)
I am very glad that one day Sergey received this revelation and this movement began. Thanks to the “God Seekers Movement” for the initiative for all Christians to pray together. Prayer united us. We see the support from every church and it really encourages us to move forward together. We see how in the time of difficulties people themselves begin to seek God. This is very important both for each church and for our country as a whole.
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